Looking at exhibitions in an expanded sense.


Exhibitions have always been a transient format of presenting knowledge. Its consumption is often limited by multiple externalities such as duration, geographical accessibility, environment and language. As much as our visual environment and modes of consumption has evolved, the exhibition experience— in how it manifests in space and time to the viewer— still retains a relevance perhaps due to the inability to find better substitutes that can match its ability to present information, engage with content and audience and its recognisability as an institutionalised mode of presenting.  



The studio would like to critically explore relevant creative potentialities and readings of exhibitions with design, particularly for arts and cultural institutions in Singapore that also considers contemporary social behaviour of digitally-savvy audiences alongside technological and socio-cultural developments. The outcomes would look at professionalizing and speculating possible solutions to integrate these design solutions and experiments into our understanding of exhibition design and ultimately recalibrating communication strategies and outreach to these networked society through such design techniques.


Case Study 1: Virtual Tours hosted on Google Streetview


With the ADM Graduation Show  being held in the far west, the issue of accessibility was something that naturally arose. We initiated and developed a workflow system with a virtual tour vendor in order to create an online immersive experience for people to view the show online, from all over the world. The format of a virtual tour also simulated a means of navigating through the space, emulating the ‘live experience’ of viewing an exhibition. The virtual tour mould also enables another way of considering exhibition documentation that considers certain aspects of real-time exhibition engagement. It was very well received, proving the experiment a success. Moving from this, we also introduced virtual tours for exhibitions and events that are durational and itinerant in nature such as Asian Film Archive’s State of Motion: Through Stranger Eyes .