An emotive brand identity that resonates with communities

Discover the unique brand strategy of ArtsWok Collaborative, where its process takes inspiration to cooking with a wok. Proudly referred to as a “creative lab,” this identity embodies their ethos, capturing a vibrant and innovative spirit. Through carefully crafted design elements, including the logo, typography, and color palette, we visually reflect ArtsWok Collaborative’s dynamic and flourishing creative environment.

Creative Team
Creative Director : Melvin Tan
Graphic Designer(s) : Charlie Allen
Illustrator : Anngee Neo


Connecting with Communities

The expressiveness of ArtsWok’s brand identity is essential to engage and connect with the communities they serve, promoting inclusivity and diversity. It’s important for this arts-based community development organization to have a brand identity that resonates well and effectively communicate with its audiences. The original logomark was full of heart and our team worked on the original brand’s story and elevated it into a more typographic approach that gives the organization a more legible, assertive, and bold feel. Our refinement created a stronger impression of Artswok’s often courageous and radical methodologies in representing complex themes and narratives of Singapore’s social and cultural landscape.

Building an Emotive Brand Identity

ArtsWok Collaborative aims to enhance its brand narrative while preserving its brand origins, striving to create a more memorable and emotionally captivating identity that effectively resonates with communities. This entails elevating the visual elements of the brand by introducing mascots that embody the spirit of ArtsWok and employing a vibrant and friendly colour palette to invigorate its overall identity. Moreover, integrating quirky illustrations and brand mascots that represent key competencies such as Advocating, Bridging, Developing, Listening, and Researching will ensure an engaging and resonant brand that effectively fulfills ArtsWok’s mission.

A holistic brand identity for a lasting impression

To preserve the brand’s integrity, we have developed templates for essential communication channels, including social media and email marketing. These templates are designed to accommodate ArtsWok’s diverse content types, ensuring a consistent visual representation that reinforces the brand’s identity. Our goal is to create a memorable brand that effectively captures the essence of their signature programs, thereby resonating contextually with their collaborators and followers.