Dreamseeds Arts Festival

Dreamseeds Arts Fest, a collaboration with Club Rainbow Singapore and its beneficiaries, celebrates the creative endeavors of children with special needs. Over several editions, our involvement in this philanthropic design engagement has spanned various mediums, from print and motion to game design and exhibition design. From the inaugural edition, where the seedling symbolised empowerment, to subsequent editions embracing geometry and individualism, the designs have consistently evolved, remaining vibrant and fresh, reflecting the spirit of the children involved. This ongoing journey represents our first foray into children and philanthropy, marked by continuous improvement and refinement of our approaches over the years, creating an interactive platform that allows the children’s artworks to shine amidst public engagement, new knowledge, and joyful play.

Creative Team
Creative Director : Melvin Tan
Project Manager : Samantha Yap
Graphic Designer(s) Kong Wen Da
Rachel Chia


Dreamseeds Arts Festival 2017: Finding Futurenova

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