A dynamic system for an Independent Singapore Publisher

Elevating the overall brand experience to a more emotive brand voice that reflects Ethos’ values while maintaining the integrity of its original identity. Establishing a more authentic and relatable brand persona that speaks to the hearts and minds of the audience, and ultimately drives greater engagement and loyalty.

Creative Team
Creative Director : Melvin Tan
Graphic Designer(s) : Charlie Allen
Ang Jun Liang


Honouring its legacy as "Fresh. Different. Enduring.”
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Ethos is known for producing impactful titles and events that make difficult topics accessible and sought-after. The company values integrity, discernment in its alignments, solidarity with diverse communities, and compassion for others. These values are reinforced by a clear, impactful, and reassuring identity that builds on the existing identity system.

More than meets the Eye

A minimal approach that maintains Ethos’s branding while optimizing the logo for impact and recognition. The logo communicates the brand element in a non-direct way, with multiple interpretations as an open book or the corner of a page. The adapted logo includes a right angle to reference the corner of a page and embraces the negative space to create a more complete icon. The ‘Faces of Ethos’ signature graphics form a flexible pattern that encapsulates the diversity of readership and achieves a balance between vigour and maturity when paired with clean verbal branding, branding Ethos in a human-centered, non-verbal way.