Germans in Singapore (Deutsche in Singapur)

A tome of a book that documents 200 years of friendship in an age of globalisation between Singapore and Germany. Put together by an editorial approach, meticulously designed to convey the cultural relations between the two countries.

Creative Team
Creative Director : Melvin Tan
Graphic Designer(s) : Charlie Allen

Reflecting a modern editorial sensibility rooted in German tradition, this remarkable book diverges from the usual historical accounts and presents a curated collection of captivating narratives.
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This book chronicles a comprehensive account of the rich and complex economic, political, and cultural relations between Germany and Singapore that have developed over the past two centuries. Beginning in 1822 with the very first trade and commerce agreements between the two nations, the book takes the reader on a fascinating journey through history, exploring the many twists and turns of this continually evolving relationship.

Moving beyond the cover, the book’s editorial decorum exemplifies a thoughtful and functional design philosophy. Sans serif typography is employed, emphasizing readability and a sensible aesthetic. The deliberate choice of this typography enhances the overall reading experience, allowing readers to effortlessly consume the text while maintaining a visually pleasing layout.

An Immersive Reading Experience through Design
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This book offers an immersive reading experience that is meticulously crafted from execution to approach. Every aspect of its design aims to engage and captivate readers. The cover of the book showcases a unique ‘Wordcloud’ composed of German and English keywords. This visually striking element serves as a quick and effective way for readers to grasp the essence and central themes of the book. By presenting these keywords, the cover acts as a contextual touchpoint, enticing readers to delve into the content within.

Furthermore, the color palette utilized in the book’s design draws inspiration from both German and Singaporean flags. By incorporating these familiar hues, the design evokes a sense of connection and relatability for readers from both countries. This strategic use of colors creates an immersive atmosphere that enhances the reading journey and fosters a deeper engagement with the content

A Must-read to Learn about Germans in Singapore

In summary, the book’s design aims to provide an immersive reading experience by incorporating contextual visual touch points, employing functional typography, and utilizing a color scheme that resonates with readers. Through these deliberate design choices, the book ensures that readers are fully immersed in its contents, making their reading journey all the more captivating and memorable.

By delving into the lives and endeavors of Germans in Singapore, this book fills a significant gap in historical knowledge. Its insightful content sheds light on their experiences and contributions, providing a deeper understanding of their journey. Prof. Tommy Koh, Ambassador-At-Large at the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recognizes the significance of this story, “The story of the relations between Germany and Singapore is like an opera: triumph and tragedy, joy and sorrow, but with a happy ending.”

This book is a must-read for those eager to learn about Germans in Singapore. With its profound outcome effect and glowing reviews, it stands as a valuable resource, offering an immersive reading experience that leaves readers captivated and enlightened.