We collaborated with OH! Open House on a series of exhibition branding projects, strategically reflecting the inherent versatility and adaptability of both the initiative and our design team. Each project delved into the histories and nostalgias of diverse Singapore neighborhoods, ranging from the intimate narratives of mom-and-pop shops in Holland Road and Bras Basah to a contemplation of Singapore’s Colonial past in Emerald Hill.

Our designs navigated through different curatorial premises, breathing life into OH! Open House’s distinctive tours, which showcased art and performances within homes and private spaces. Our methodology reimagined the visual landscape of events. Rooted in thorough research on the vibrant histories and artistic expressions of artists, these projects emerged as dynamic reflections of the unique stories within each neighborhood.

Creative Team
Creative Director : Melvin Tan
Graphic Designer(s) : Charlie Allen


Visual Narratives: Branding Emerald Hill's Story

OH! Emerald Hill marks the eighth edition of art walks organized and curated by OH! Open House. Participants immersed themselves in the narrative of Emerald Hill through discreet tours, art installations, and performances hosted in homes and private spaces. The creative identity, characterized by stylized frames and dioramas, drew reference from the colonial history of Emerald Hill. This visual approach encapsulates the dual nature of its past—a former nutmeg plantation that once harbored colonial aspirations of success and wealth, yet ultimately met a fate of tragedy and failure.


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Typographic Narratives

“Good Oh’ Holland Village,” curated as a historical and artistic project by OH! Open House, centered on the unique essence of Holland Village in Singapore, renowned for its eclectic and bohemian ambiance. The area, amidst ongoing urban developments, retains its heritage, notably represented by the Holland Road Shopping Centre established in the 1970s. Within this center, hand-stenciled typefaces like Jackson and Zipper persisted as signage on older shops, catering to a Western expatriate clientele rooted in British Military Settlements from the 1930s. Across three weekends, over 1,800 guests were guided through diverse environments, offering a multifaceted exploration of Holland Village’s rich cultural tapestry.

Crafting Stories by Design

We crafted an exhibition with the goal of chronicling the narratives of local book publishers and retailers, capturing the multifaceted experience of Singapore’s literary enclave. These stories were intricately woven into the very fabric of Bras Basah Complex through immersive installations. At the heart of the project lies a book—a meticulously designed compendium of indexes paying homage to Bras Basah Complex as a vibrant City of Books. This narrative delves deep into the experiences of three unique booksellers, presenting a comprehensive and intimate portrayal of their contributions to Singapore’s rich literary tapestry.