Design Research for a Museum-in-Progress.

As Singapore’s first art museum to open in 1996, SAM has established its place as a center for showcasing contemporary art from a Southeast Asian perspective, art lovers, and the art-curious. As SAM grows over the years, there is no better time to realign the brand and solidify the museum’s brand identity, than during the development of the SAM’s main premises.

Creative Team
Creative Director : Melvin Tan
Graphic Designer(s) : Charlie Allen

Formalising a Brand System for an Established Museum

The conduct of a comprehensive brand workshopping process with the museum’s stakeholders allows for a critical reassessment, in order to obtain insights that will inform a better understanding of how a visual organisational structure can be established. Both the brand identity and usage guides will serve to manage visual and communication structure in a way that protects and promotes SAM’s brand consistently and builds strong brand equity for SAM.

Moving toward an impressionable Brand Identity

With informed findings from the brand strategy assessment conducted with SAM stakeholders, the brand revision signaled a move toward brand functionality, in favour of distilling core brand elements toward SAM’s audiences.

Inspired by the circular visitor stickers which serve as entry markers into the museum, the iconic SAM Signature Mark is retained with technical improvements for legibility and expression. For instance the colourful ‘I AM MADE FOR SAM’ stickers were adopted as SAM’s Signature Mark and pattern.

In order to ensure consistency in the brand visuals, a brand system has been developed into a usage guide with various lock-up components for the museum.