State of Motion 

State of Motion is the Asian Film Archive’s annual film and art event, exploring the intersections between cinema, art and filmic research. Since its inception in 2016, the multidisciplinary platform has engaged contemporary artists, curators, filmmakers and researchers to uncover hidden histories and latent discourses in response to the institution’s rich and diverse archival work.

Creative Team
Creative Director : Melvin Tan
Dora Godfrey
Project Manager : Samantha Yap
Graphic Designer(s) : Ong Hanyu
Prakash Haridas
Web Developer : Faris Kassim
Photo courtesy of : Asian Film Archive


State of Motion: Rushes of Time

Responding to the conceptual potential of the filmic archive in four sections, the State of Motion 2020: Rushes of Time publication acts not only as visual documentation but makes an extended enquiry into ideas of time, bodies of memory, and the moving image.

State of Motion Trailer

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State of Motion: Through Stranger Eyes

Drawing from State of Motion’s thematic premise that zooms in on the perceptions of Singapore through cinema’s gaze, the design uses obscuration and light projections that cuts across the pavilion space and print collaterals that plays with the gesture of ‘looking’. The projection lines also intersect across some instances to form a visualisation of an eye. Echoing the exhibition pavilion by artist Randy Chan, the fencing was referenced to grid the deliverables.

State of Motion: Cathay Keris

Like the event name, the identity for the inaugural edition of State of Motion is inspired by the moiré effect: a visual perception of motion that occurs when viewing a set of lines superimposed on another set of lines. This sense of movement also reflects the event’s (re)imagination of films and their locations through art while also capturing the condition of Singapore as one in constant motion.