RJ Paper Singapore

We created a calendar for RJ Paper for the year of 2024. The aim was to showcase the paper, explore its possibilities, and highlight the craft of print.

Creative Team
Creative Director : Melvin Tan
Graphic Designer(s) : Charlie Allen
George Dutton
Lim Zeherng
Marcus Lee
Gerald Lai
Printer : Allegro Print Singapore

Reinventing the Printed Table Calendar

In a world dominated by digital screens and relentless progress, the printed table calendar, a mark of simpler times, was fading away. We tackled the challenge of reinventing this time-honoured item by exploring the intersection of nostalgia and practicality. Rather than succumbing to the dichotomy of analogue versus digital, we set our to interrogate the very essence of time itself.

Our Concept Behind the Calendar

The 2×24 Calendar goes beyond being just an object to mark days. By approaching the year two days at a time, it sets aside the long-term view in favour of the present, and sees every 24 hours as a window of opportunity in which to live our lives in relation to the past and future, however we might plan our day.

Bridging Analog and Digital

The calendar’s design draws on the familiar analogue and digital clock faces which govern our schedules and maintain rhythm in our lives. Within the passing of a year, the calendar invites us to rethink how days are structured—be it to provide pause, to live in the moment, or to make full use of the time that we have.
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