The Everyday Museum

Dedicated to championing artistic practice in public spaces, The Everyday Museum website serves as a comprehensive platform reflecting creative production and experimentation. It transforms everyday experiences into meaningful encounters, offering fresh perspectives on contemporary conditions. Initiated by the Singapore Art Museum, the website provides an easily navigable space where you can discover diverse art projects and programs. Browse and bookmark these offerings to facilitate engagement and interaction, encouraging everyone to discover and resonate with art.

Creative Team
Creative Director : Melvin Tan
Graphic Designer(s) : George Dutton
Eka Purnamasari Paramitha

Navigate, Save, Discover: Sorting the Everyday

The Everyday Museum leverages OneMap’s geolocation technology, utilizing an API that incorporates a sorting feature. This functionality empowers users to easily bookmark and refine their search, allowing them to explore projects sorted by mapping. The bookmark feature enables users to personalize their experience by saving and organizing projects based on their location and interests. This ensures the most relevant access for each user. This streamlined navigation significantly enhances the overall user experience, offering a seamless and intuitive journey for all users.

Discovery at every corner: The Nuanced Search Experience

Improving user discoverability, the search function uses a range of tagging and filter functionalities. Users can explore by category, content type, location, artist, and date, seamlessly integrated into the cards and navigational areas. This provides a nuanced and detailed approach to discovering projects right at your fingertips. It ensures that users can explore various pathways and encounter projects aligned with their interests and preferences, whether they are purposefully directed or simply exploring. The result is a rich and tailored browsing experience for everyone.