A Compilation of Art Exhibitions

Our collaboration with The Private Museum involved the creation of distinctive visual identities for their diverse range of Exhibitions. We selected a compilation of art programs that we worked on which tackled a variety of themes, adopting a modern and system-focused approach.

Creative Team
Creative Director : Melvin Tan
Graphic Designer(s) : Charlie Allen
George Dutton
Marcus Lee
Photo courtesy of : The Private Museum

A Modern and System-Focused Approach

Our contributions to The Private Museum go beyond branding. We actuated what was outlined and helped contextualise the museum’s signature programmes and key touchpoints, ensuring a consistent yet appropriate visual representation across various touchpoints. This is furthered by incorporating language reflective of the museum’s commitment to hosting, our designs became a bridge connecting the private offerings of the institution with the broader public sphere.

Bridging Private Offerings and Public Engagement

In essence, the outcomes only enhanced the exhibition-making experience but also framed a comprehensive programming strategy. This strategy served to create a seamless connection between the museum’s private initiatives and the public, establishing a unique and engaging presence in the art community.