Make Yourself At Home: A Glimpse into All Welcoming Scenarios

An exhibition showcasing brand research and analysis based on workshops with various audiences and stakeholders.

Creative Team
Creative Director : Melvin Tan
Graphic Designer(s) : Charlie Allen
Delaphy Ng
Lim Zeherng
Photo courtesy of : The Private Museum

Aligning Disparity in the Brand’s Perception

Our examination begins by addressing a growing concern: visitors to TPM have differing ideas about what the museum represents. Additionally, the word ‘private’ implies exclusivity which does not align with the museum’s operations.

To address this issue during the museum’s transition into new premises and more ambitious programming in 2023, we designed an investigative research to gather and analyse perceptions through dialogues across visual registers with various stakeholders.

A Generative Exhibition of a Developing Brand Identity

The exhibition’s concept was born from an existential inquiry into why The Private Museum was founded. It seeks to engage the public through a multifaceted approach that explores how people perceive the museum’s brand. By gathering data from the exhibition, we aimed to develop a research-based brand strategy that would help the museum better articulate its identity and maintain its status as a private museum in the future.

Launchpad for a Well-informed, Research-driven Brand Identity

The responses from the exhibition have provided valuable insights that can be used to enhance our understanding of The Private Museum’s brand and offerings. By analysing the feedback, we can identify the specific areas where there is a gap in brand perception and use this information to create a more effective research-driven identity. This will allow us to better communicate with their varying audiences and provide them with a more compelling reason to engage with The Private Museum. Including stakeholders and audiences in the brand building process ensures that the brand resonates with them and maximises its potential, ultimately reaching a wider audience.