200: Points in Singapore Natural History

As part of Singapore’s Bicentennial, the book designed is in conjunction with the launch of a new exhibition at Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. It covers 200 significant natural history events from the island’s past, with a navigational timeline on the spine. Each spread focuses on a different year and includes specimens, ethnographic materials, and illustrations to help readers understand our natural history and heritage.

Creative Team
Creative Director : Melvin Tan
Graphic Designer(s) : Charlie Allen
Ng Sheng Yong
Lai Wei Min


Documenting 200 years of Singapore's Natural History
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The natural history of Singapore is filled with remarkable and diverse stories. This exhibition chronicles 200 natural history events from the last two centuries of modern Singapore, filling the walls of the temporary gallery with specimens, images, and anecdotes of animals, plants, events, places, and people that have played important roles in shaping the country’s natural heritage.

Maximising knowledge sharing through the intricacies of design

Research and discoveries made in Singapore also give rise to the commoditisation of natural resources. This has geopolitical ramifications. As this knowledge solidifies into a more formal natural history, a place to store and study the resulting material arises. This book gathers these stories and locates them in the larger context of Singapore’s natural history. The editorial design of the book allows readers to navigate through every historical story through a graphical timeline index which provides succinct details and categorisations of historical events.

Expanding your horizons of the Natural World

“200 Points in Singapore’s Natural History” is a meticulously crafted book whose design amplifies its ability to inform, excite, and inspire readers to explore our captivating history and cultivate a moral understanding of the natural world through cultural adaptations in natural history heritage.

The book’s layout and visuals are thoughtfully designed to enhance the reader’s experience. With illustrations, photographs, and drawings, the book visually transports readers into the world of Singapore’s natural history. These captivating visuals not only serve to inform readers about the various aspects of the subject matter but is also structured in a chronological timeline that allows readers to follow the weaving together of historical anecdotes, cultural insights, and scientific discoveries, allowing all readers to appreciate the natural world and their role in its preservation.