The journey of one of the Big Four law firms in Singapore

The project expresses the Rajah & Tann Asia story that has spanned almost half a century. Capturing how the business carries on the legacy of its founders and continues to impact the world.

The book, Duty of Care+, traces the founding of Singapore’s leading law firm and its transformation over four decades into the largest legal network in Southeast Asia. It is a story about leadership that isn’t self-aggrandisement but service for the collective good, about determination and perseverance in the face of adversities, and ultimately, a story about a business partnership that transcends profits.

Creative Team
Creative Director : Melvin Tan
Graphic Designer(s) : Charlie Allen

Rajah & Tann 45th Anniversary / A tribute

It is this historical footprint, as well as the values and ethos embraced by its founders and leaders, that the firm wished to showcase on its 45th anniversary. It also wanted to re-forge a sense of connection and belonging to its staff, especially newer members. All messaging should also emphasize the firm’s new focus on innovation and future-orientation.

The entire creative enterprise brought together a wide spectrum of creatives to produce a collection of multimedia, multidisciplinary work that would carry a seamless design direction throughout. Collaborators included a book publisher, an experienced writer, a sound artist, animators, and illustrators working alongside Currency and the client team to fulfil a creative vision.

Rajah & Tann 45th Heritage Video

Directions based on sensitivity to business values, aesthetic registers, and people’s sensibilities.
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Rajah & Tann’s design concept combines traditional culture and modern technology with a ‘woven’ pattern and ball-shaped logo. The design signifies resilience, structure, and global connectivity, while the ‘&’ symbol emphasises unity and teamwork. The pattern represents the firm’s ethos, incorporating woven fabric and circuitry motifs, illustrating their fusion of tradition and innovation.

Interweaving Culture and Future-Orientation

R&T’s brand identity is reinforced through brand-conforming colours and type, resonating a sense of corporate belonging. A contemporary and eye-catching aesthetic, featuring the firm’s signature orange, reflects R&T’s future orientation and cultural ties. Keywords like “circuitry,” “modular,” and “woven” symbolise togetherness and building, underlining R&T’s principled approach to expansion and interconnected growth.

Mr Ang said “Duty of Care+” was commissioned partly for the benefit of younger partners, associates and staff who have often asked questions about the firm’s origins and its famous founders. The “+” sign in the title of the book signifies the firm’s long-held mission of going beyond the legal duty of care to clients to caring for colleagues and the community.

“We wanted “Duty of Care+” to remind everyone of the firm’s core values and culture, and to reinforce the idea that Rajah & Tann isn’t just a business. I hope this sense of stewardship that is a hallmark of our past leaders will always be the defining quality that guides R&T now and in the future.”