Evolution of the Singapore Art Book Fair

From 2018, the Singapore Art Book Fair underwent a transformation, moving away from a mass-market focus to one internationally recognized as an art book fair. The Singapore version of this event specifically emphasizes the regional context of Southeast Asia, serving as a unique platform that brings together diverse art book creators in an English-speaking city, making it a logical choice.

Creative Team
Creative Director : Melvin Tan
Graphic Designer(s) : Charlie Allen
Ng Sheng Yong
Geraldine Peck
Tan Zhuo Hui
Benjamin Lee
George Dutton
Lim Zeherng
Photo courtesy of : Clarence Aw


Design Strategy Over What’s Trendy

Design plays a pivotal role as a strategy to attract new audiences who may be unfamiliar with the fair. We aimed to strike a balance between the serious tone of considering books as an art form and the playful inclusion of graphic elements. This approach was crucial in engaging a broader audience and fostering a dynamic environment.

Towards Timelessness: Brand Evolution Post-Fourth Edition

Moving forward, particularly after the fourth edition, our focus shifted towards a more timeless and recognizable approach to the brand. This intentional evolution allows the fair to sustain itself by creating evergreen products and identifiable services and spin-offs. The goal is to establish a brand identity that stands the test of time and resonates with the diverse audience attracted to the Singapore Art Book Fair.