Strategic Brand Evolution for Future Success

In its commitment to growth and innovation, The Private Museum initiated an extensive brand workshop series in preparation for its relocation to new premises in 2023. Incorporating input from stakeholders and employing a research-based strategy, the exercise played a crucial role in reassessing the museum’s brand identity and messaging. The goal is to harmonize the brand with its distinct identity and values, ensuring ongoing success. The Strategy Assessment and Brand Research Workshop unveiled two critical findings related to the museum’s overall identity and perception across its diverse programs and formats. This case study provides documentation of the comprehensive branding exercise and the strategic process involved.

Creative Team
Creative Director : Melvin Tan
Graphic Designer(s) : Charlie Allen
Delaphy Ng
Marcus Lee
Lim Zeherng

Charting a Vision, Shaping Identity

We crafted comprehensive guidelines outlining the principles of use and best practices for the implementation of The Private Museum’s brand by its team and partners. In addition, the guidance encompasses recommendations for effectively communicating the brand’s values, messaging, and identity to its target audience, while also maintaining and safeguarding the brand’s stature. These guidelines guarantee a uniform application of brand equity assets across all media channels, ensuring a cohesive and engaging brand experience, from spatial to digital platforms.

A Welcoming Cadence: The Private Museum's Tone Strategy

The aim is to establish The Private Museum’s tone of voice to authentically mirror its brand values and effectively engage its audiences across all communication materials, fostering brand trust through consistency. Striking a delicate balance, the communication style seeks moderation, aiming for a welcoming demeanor without appearing disingenuous. Inspired by philosopher Jacques Derrida’s exploration of hospitality ethics, this tone intends to encapsulate the museum’s essence as a collaborative space for artists and a sanctuary for private collections. It embodies the concept of ‘hospitality,’ reflecting both the openness to collaboration within the art community and the warmth of welcoming guests into a personal space, as Derrida elucidates the need for an entryway to both a physical abode and a space for connections with the unfamiliar.